Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

International Relations Office



Web-page: http://idep.luguniv.edu.ua/

Phone: + 38066-294-1570; + 38099-373-1337.


Address: 92703, Luhansk Oblast, Starobilsk, Hohol Square 1, “International Centre” (red building of the University).

International Relations Office is the coordinating structural subdivision of State Institution “Luhansk Taras Shevchenko National University”, the activity of which is aimed at:

  • support of the existing and introduction of new forms of cooperation with international organizations of various types and forms of ownership; with foreign institutions of higher education (public and private); with foreign scientific / cultural / sports institutions in accordance with the generally accepted concept of strategic partnerships;
  • organization of work on formation and maintenance of the contingent of foreign citizens – students of the University (maintenance of relations with graduates of the University – citizens of foreign states; interaction with embassies (consulates) of foreign states on the issues of stay and training of foreign citizens);
  • expanding of geography of promotion of the institutional brand of the University and foreign promotion of the results of the institution’s activities in the educational / scientific / cultural spheres;
  • assistance to all structural subdivisions of the University in the establishment and development of international cooperation, as well as in their participation in international educational and research programs, academic mobility programs, international rankings, etc.;
  • strengthening of the capacity of the University at national and institutional levels through the development and implementation of international educational and research projects;
  • provision of opportunities for students and research and teaching staff of the University to carry out educational and research activities within internationalized institutional environment through the introduction of the best foreign practices in the educational process and research, assistance in international projects of various types and directions, recruitment of foreign nationals to an institution for the purpose of teaching or conducting research;
  • introduction and development of institutional culture of openness and tolerance in order to attract foreign nationals and, accordingly, to make intensive use of the benefits of internationalized intercultural environment for their own institutional development;
  • promotion of international and intercultural activities both inside the University and outside the institution;
  • promotion of the formation of educational environment at the University for all, without exception, students and staff with linguistic, intercultural, entrepreneurial, etc. competencies that enable them to respond to the global challenges of the 21st century;
  • promotion of the development of University graduates’ skills that will enable them to compete confidently in the global / national / regional labor market and to carry out various activities effectively within global community.

International Relations Office Structure

  The Head of the International Relations Office  
  Iryna Viktorivna Myhovych,
Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor

International Relations Office Structural Subdivisions:

  • Sector of International Education (preparatory department for foreign citizens);
  • Sector of International Cooperation;
  • information and cultural center “Window on America” (Window on America);
  • UNDP Resource Center.

Admission of foreigners with the purpose of study at the University

Enrollment of entrants from among foreigners to study at the expense of individuals and / or legal entities can be carried out by the State Institution “Luhansk Taras Shevchenko National University”:

  1. 1.  Twice a year, before and at the beginning of academic semesters (but not later than November 1 and March 1), for study on bachelor / master programmes.
    Note: 2021-2022 academic year: twice a year, before and at the beginning of academic semesters (but not later than December 15, 2021 and March 15, 2022, respectively), for study on bachelor / master programmes.
  2.  2. During the whole academic year for study on Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) programmes; and doctoral studies.

Conditions of study and residence of foreigners and stateless persons

Documents To Be Submitted for Admission to the University

  1. 1. Foreign passport – the hard copy.
  2. 2. Notarized translation of foreign passport into Ukrainian.
  3. 3. Document on previous education (school certificate / college diploma / bachelor diploma) and its notarized translation into Ukrainian;
  4. 4. Supplement to certificate / diploma with grades and its notarized translation into Ukrainian;
  5. 5. Medical certificate certified by the official health authority of the country, from which foreigner comes, and issued no later than 2 months before entering Ukraine (notarized translation into Ukrainian).


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