Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

Results of Scientific Activity

Luhansk Taras Shevchenko National University is a higher education institution accredited by the IV level. It is a valid member of the International and European Association of Universities. There are 15 scientific subdivisions in the university, including:

5 affiliates of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine institutions:

2 centers of National Academy for Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine:

The main scientific directions:

  • the most important problems of physical-mathematical and technical sciences;
  • fundamental problems of life sciences and biotechnology development;
  • basic research on current problems of social sciences and humanities;
  • intellectual information and information-analytical technologies;
  • perspective technologies of agro-industrial complex and processing industry;
  • problems of personal development, society, demography and socio-economic policy;
  • targeted research on getting new materials, putting them together and processing them.

The university carries out 60 research projects, 2 of which are funded by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, and 1 project by the State Fund for Fundamental Research of Ukraine, 1 project is funded by the Ukraine President’s Grant for scientific research, 1 project – ERASMUS+; 1 project is implemented with the financial support of the Ukrainian and Polish governments.

There are 3 specialized scientific councils with the specialty:

  • 02 „World History”,
  • 06 „Historiography, source study and special historical subjects”
  • 01 „Pedagogy and its history”,
  • 04 „Theory and methodology of special education”,
  • 05 „Social pedagogy”,
  • 06 „Theory and methodology of education management”,
  • 07 „Theory and methodology of upbringing”,
  • 10 „Informational and communicational technology in education”.

There are 4 specialties for Ph.D. studies and 13 for postgraduate studies.

The University Publishing House unites the creative efforts of the editorial boards of 6 scientific journals, which are included in the list of professional publications of Higher Degree Comission of Ukraine:

  • „Education and Pedagogical Sciences (Education and Pedagogical Science” / „Donbass Education”);
  • Algebra and Discrete Mathematics;
  • „Social pedagogy: theory and practice”;
  • Donbass Economics Journal;
  • „Luhansk Taras Shevchenko National University Journal” (pedagogical, philological and historical sciences);
  • „Linguistics”;
  • Electronic journal „Scientific Journal of Donbass”.

Since 2013, Algebra and Discrete Mathematics has been included in Scopus databases (Journal Impact Factor – 0,507), Math-Net.ru, Mathematical Rewiew (USA) and Zentral Blat (Germany), and since 2017 – to the Emerging Sources Citation Index, which is part of the Web of Science. The journal „Economic Journal of Donbass” is included in the bibliographic database of the RINC (Russia), the procedure of inclusion in the bibliographic database Index Copernicus International (Poland) has been started, 8 scientific journals are in the list of professional publications of Ukraine. Since 2020, the journals “Education and Pedagogical Sciences”, “Economic Bulletin of Donbass”, “Bulletin of Luhansk Taras Shevchenko National University” (pedagogical, philological and historical sciences) are professional publications of category “B”.

Every year, scientists publish more than 1000 scientific works such as: monographs – 10-15, articles in foreign editions – about 200, incl. articles in impacted journals – 110-120, articles in scientific base Scopus – 25, Web of Science – 10, about 35 textbooks and manuals.

More than 40 international and national conferences are held annually at the University. Materials of all conferences were published in scientific collections.

In 2020, 7 students won the second stage of the All-Ukrainian Student Research Competition.

In addition, 16 students won other competitions e.g. the International Creative Contest „My Hometown”, Regional Stage of the XVII International Competition for Ukrainian Language named after Peter Yatsyk, All-Ukrainian Contest of creative students’ works named after Mykola Hohol, V All-Ukrainian Maria Fischer – Slyzh „Let’s compete for a new life” dedicated to Lesia Ukrainka, VII All-Ukrainian Distance Learning Competition of Student’s Scientific Papers in Social Pedagogy / Social Work, Regional Programming Competition.


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