Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

Prominent Scientists of the University



Man of honor: He fought on the front lines of the Great Patriotic War not for awards and not for them he led a grueling scientific quest till the end of his life. That’s what they say about a distinguished scientist and a wonderful man of the soul – Wolf Beilis Mendelevich….

In his life, he enjoyed the great scientific achievements, the respect and recognition in the scientific world, heartfelt love and sincere respect from colleagues and students and blows of fate, such as premature death of his son Mark in 1980. But he always remained humble, open to all people

The main thing in his scientific life, Wolf Mendelevich believed that he worked for others, sincerely helped fellow scientists and valued their appreciation for it. That is the essence of the real school scientist, professor, Master – Beilis School, which, according to a world-renowned academician Omelyana Pritsaka, well known all over the world… All Text…



Famous philosopher, rector of the Voroshilovgrad State Pedagogical Institute named after T.G. Shevchenko in 1975–1986 …

Working as a rector, Dmytro Zchdanov has contributed to significant development of the oldest higher educational institution of Donbass. Number of students per that time increased from 5.3 thousand to almost 7 thousand, the Faculty of Teachers of primary schools was opened (now the Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology), the Faculty of the Future teachers was created, a computer base began to form. Number of teachers with scientific degrees and scholarship doubled. Evidence of the high authority of the Institute there were holding all-union conferences, seminars and meetings, in
particular, all-union meetings of teachers of general biological disciplines of pedagogical institutes, meeting of the seminar of the deans of faculties of physical education. All Text…


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