Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

History of University

Luhansk National University will celebrate its 95th anniversary on March 1, 2015. This is a holiday not only for one educational establishment but this is an important day in the history of higher education development in Luhansk region. Because the history of higher school in our region has begun since March 1, 1921 – the day of opening the first higher educational establishment of Donbas (Donetsk Higher Pedagogical Provincial Courses).

In 1923 the provincial courses were reorganized as Donetsk Institute of People’s Education which was located in one of the best multi-storey building on T.H. Shevchenko Street.

The Institute started the academic year of 1934 – 1935 as Luhansk State Pedagogical Institute. Before the war the institute became one of the biggest higher educational establishments of Ukraine. During 1935 – 1940 the institute educated 6.5 thousand people.

On April 26, 1939 according to the Decree of the Presidium of Verkhovna Rada of USSR the institute was named after the genius of Ukrainian people Taras Shevchenko. There was a good reason to assign a name of Kobzar to the educational establishment because this was the only institute of industrial region that trained teachers of the Ukrainian language and literature.

General prosperity gave incentives for the scientific development: the first volume of “Scientific Notes” was published in 1940 and before the war they managed to publish the second and the third volumes of scientific paper collections.

During the Nazi occupation the institute came through two evacuations and after Voroshylovhrad liberation since autumn 1943 a difficult period of renewal has started. First of all, it was necessary to prepare educational buildings and during October – November destroyed building on Oboronna Street (the main educational building of LNU at present time) was adapted to studies. Building works were performed mainly by student brigades. The fundamental institute library included 200 thousand copies but only 13 thousand of books were saved. But despite all the difficulties, step by step the scientific and research work was restarted. In 1944 – 1945 academic year the republic government allocated special funds for scientific work and teachers had the opportunity to work on candidate thesis.

Establishment as a powerful scientific center and general development of educational establishment afforded ground for status change and in 1998 LSPI turned into the university. There was scientific work in the center of educational process. Multilayer system of education was implemented. This system still functions and allows to start education from the 1st grade of gymnasium (for 5-years old children and older) and continue it in colleges, bachelor degree course, master course, postgraduate and doctorate studies.

Then the events moved ahead at warp speed. Dynamic development of the university made it popular, famous and competitive. The university had significant structure changes, improved its work with international partners and became the leader of education at domestic market.

A great attention was paid to the issue of education availability. Structural subdivisions of the university were opened at Luhansk region and Crimea where students could obtain education of junior specialist degree and then – bachelor’s degree. So in 1988 Starobilsk Faculty of LNPU was opened and a year after Rovenki Faculty of LNPU was created. The training direction was mainly pedagogical. In 2002 Alushta Education and Consultation Center of LNPU got started. In 2005 the university opened Stakhanov Faculty. Currently all of them except of Starobilsk Faculty are in the occupied territory.

From the late 90’s to early 2000’s the university began to perform structure changes that was caused by quality growth of some faculties and opening new training directions. During that period 7 institutes were created within the educational establishment.

General development of the university led to numerous professional achievements and recognitions. In 2000 LSPU was recognized as the best sport educational establishment of Ukraine. University students defended the honor of our country in all Olympic seasons. In general LNU students won 30 Olympic medals.

We are proud that the university from 2000 to 2014 was recognized as a leader in different nominations of the International Academic Ranking “Gold Fortune”. The university over and over again got a distinguished title and a status of “Leader of Modern Education”, was recognized as the best sport educational establishment of Ukraine. LNU took the 21st position among all domestic higher educational establishments in the Academic University Ranking “Top 200 Ukraine”. Also according to “Top 200” and public ranking “Five-Star University” LNU is the best university in Luhansk region.

Besides the university took the 25th position (among 200 universities of Ukraine) in University Web Ranking. This Web Ranking is aimed to evaluate popularity of universities websites in the world. In July 2013 LNU took the 31st position among domestic universities according to results of World University Ranking of Webometrics.

A level of scientific and research work plays a major role for knowledge quality assurance. To optimize it the branches of experimental institutes of NAN of different training directions and scientific centers were opened at the base of the university.

At this time our university changed the status: on September 11, 2003 according to the Decree of the President of Ukraine No. 1012/2003 Luhansk Taras Shevchenko State Pedagogical University was assigned a status of national.

The success and achievements of the university were encouraged by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine: according to the ranking in 2006 LNPU was recognized as the best higher educational establishment of Ukraine. The university will keep this status for the next year.

At the same time the university was the first and the only one in Ukraine which underwent a procedure of external independent expert evaluation hold by the European University Association. The committee found LNPU education quality as satisfying the European rules and standards of Bologna system and provided recommendations for improving scientific and educational work of the university.

Steady development and education quality growth became the ground for LNPU obtained the status of classic in 2008 and was reorganized to SE “Luhansk Taras Shevchenko National University” according to the Order of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine as of March 28, 2008 No. 535-p and the Orders of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine as of April 25, 2008 No. 364 and No. 365. According to the Decree of the President of Ukraine No. 340/2008 as of April 11, 2008 the higher educational establishment keeps the status of national.

Currently Luhansk National University goes through hard times – the university is evacuated for the third time throughout its history. Now rectorate and significant part of personnel and teaching staff is located in the city of Starobilsk, Luhansk region. According to the Order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine No. 1128 as of October 3, 2014 the legal address of LNU is 1 Gogol Square, the City of Starobilsk.

Now the educational process is organized as full-time and remote because of the necessary evacuation. Since February 2015 the university has changed its educational planning for the per-week one. The teachers communicate with students via the Internet, student groups of 200 – 300 persons periodically come to the educational weeks according to the schedule. In addition to the regular stationary education there are entertainment programs, sport events and so on for the students.

The history of Luhansk National University proves that in spite of everything it is a real flagship of the education in the East of Ukraine. It is one of the most powerful higher educational establishments whose history pages are the stages of formation and development of higher school at Donbas. The university from year to year stays the number one, the leader and the initiator in reforms, scientific progress and education quality growth. It is the cell of creating new pedagogical ideas and modern technologies which make education interesting, fascinating, useful and effective.

The Head of Supervisory Committee, Doctor of Pedagogic Sciences, Professor, Academician of NAES of Ukraine Vitalii Kurylo thinks LNU success formula is simple: “Each day from the university life gives us new recognitions and brings new wins and achievements but also these are new tasks, new ambitions, today we are aimed to be better than yesterday and to be the number one university tomorrow, to be the university of future”.


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