Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

University Nowadays

Luhansk Taras Shevchenko National University is a higher educational institution that has been the standard of quality of Ukrainian education for over 95 years and successfully implements educational, research and upbringing activities guided by the best world and domestic traditions, modern principles and the latest trends in the development of the sphere of educational services.

Today, Luhansk National University is not going through the easiest times because the University is in evacuation for the third time in its history.

A complicated situation in our country has not bypassed a single Ukrainian. Our University was in the epicenter of the conflict and left the war zone to continue its work, evacuating to the city of Starobilsk. For almost two years, despite the difficult conditions, the university staff continues its educational activity, remains the leader of the higher education of the East of Ukraine and is proud of employees, teachers and students who remained loyal to their country and native Alma Mater.

Now the University Administration, a significant part of the work collective are in Starobilsk, Luhansk region, separate structural subdivisions – in the cities of Kreminna, Poltava, Lysychansk.

The head of the University is the Chairman of the Supervisory Council, Academician of the National Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine Vitalii Semenovych Kurylo and the Rector, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor Serhii Viktorovych Savchenko.

Under their leadership, the University has moved from a regional educational institution to a National University, a recognized leader of education.


The academic offer of Luhansk Taras Shevchenko National University covers more than 300 specialties and professions. Annually, the educational institution produces about 5000 specialists for various branches and spheres of public activity at various levels. In particular, the University fully provides the educational field in the eastern regions of the country with highly educated employees.

In connection with forced evacuation, the educational process is organized using remote technologies. The quality of the educational process is provided by a combination of full-time and e-learning, which opens up new opportunities for both students and teachers.

Luhansk Taras Shevchenko National University was one of the first among the national universities to introduce this form. In 2004, the staff of the Department for Analysis and Prospective Development of the University initiated research in this direction, and then, based on the experience of Great Britain, Spain, Germany, France, the United States, began actively involving interactive education technologies.

The University uses a convenient and reliable system – an open educational platform Moodle for the organization and technical support of e-learning. Today, the main goal is achieved: activation of the educational activity of each student.

E-learning courses are designed so that the student can easily work with the material. Training content contains instructions and methodological recommendations. The teacher’s task is to motivate students, explain the algorithm, and pay attention to the main thing. During the process of work, students are offered the latest audio-visual and distance learning technologies. This allows rational and effective use of teaching time, which significantly improves the quality of educational services.

Employees of LNU, who are responsible for planning the educational process, take into account the specifics of specialties. For example, it is important for physicists to be able to work with devices, conduct experiments, which cannot be replaced by distance learning. At the same time, today special simulators have been created for the training of such specialists. Scientists of Oxford and Harvard develop them. If such technologies are freely available on open educational resources, they can be used in the work.

More than 200 electronic textbooks, educational programs and multimedia lectures are annually created by LNU teachers with methodical and engineering support of the Center for Information Technologies. Scientists of LNU have developed more than 14000 courses for remote work.

Active cooperation of teachers and students of LNU allows improving e-learning technologies.

In addition, students have a rich cultural and educational program, sports life. A graduate of Luhansk National University is not only a highly qualified specialist, but also a highly developed personality with his own civic position.

Achievements and Awards

For the last 7 years the university is among 25 best universities of the country according to the Ranking “Top 200 Ukraine”. In 2014 LNU took the 25th position in this national ranking having left all Luhansk universities behind. According to the ranking of Webometrics – 2015 the university took the 27th position that is 10 points better than last years results.

LNU is one of the first among domestic universities which joined the European standards in education so the university is significantly ahead of many higher educational establishments of our country with it. These are some of the university achievements: the wins in the ranking “Gold Fortune”, recognition as the best sport establishment of the country (2000 – 2006), repeated status of “Leader of Modern Education” and gold medals of the international exhibition of educational establishments “Modern Education in Ukraine” (2005 – 2009), Grand Prix and gold medals of the international exhibition-presentation “Modern Educational Establishments” (2010 – 2014). Also in 2014 LNU was recognized as the best in the nomination “Leader of Higher Education in Ukraine”.

University Graduates

A diploma of Luhansk National University is a personal prestige and success guarantee for each graduate. This is one of the start documents which opens the prospects of easy advancement from student to honorary post. Our educational establishment became Alma Mater for famous teachers, scientists, professionals of culture and art of international fame, Olympic champions, diplomatists, officials, prominent businessmen and entrepreneurs, leaders of political parties, supervisors and activists of public organizations of Ukrainian and regional level, writers, journalists and also many young talented people who confidently began their professional path having obtained quality knowledge and life experience at LNU.



International Partnership

Luhansk National University has many partners among the leading world universities. In particular, in Austria, Belarus, Middle East countries, Chinese People’s Republic, Latvia, the Russian Federation, the USA, Turkey, France, Japan, Rumania, Hungary, Georgia, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Poland, Germany, Brasilia, Canada and Israel.

European Expert Evaluation

Currently LNU is the only university which successfully underwent the procedure of external evaluation of the universities and confirmed its international status. Moreover in April, 2011 the university successfully passed the procedure of repeated evaluation and as a result the European experts noted that LNU moved toward dynamic development according to strategies of the best European universities.

Scientific Work

The university runs the system for the training teaching staff through postgraduate and doctorate courses. 29 doctoral students study in 15 specialties in the university doctorate and 270 postgraduate students in 46 specialties study in postgraduate course.

In 2012 the university took the 3rd place among the classic universities of Ukraine in the ranking of higher educational establishments and scientific institutions in terms of efficiency of using budget funds for performing scientific researches and developments. The ranking is defined by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine taking into account the ratio of funds received by universities from doing chores to the budgetary fund.

Press-Center of LNU, 16.05.2016

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