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Department of Theory and Practice of Translation


Translation Studies Department

Address: Kovalya Street, 3, Room 419 A, Poltava, 36003, Ukraine

Е-mаіl: transl.studies@gmail.com

Phone: (053-22) 2-09-86

Site: www.sites.google.com/site/translationstudiesdepartment/


The History and Present Time of the Translation Studies Department

The history of the Department of Theory and Practice of Translation began at the Faculty of Foreign Languages in 2005, when the university launched the training of translators and interpreters from English and into English. The department provides training in the English Language at the bachelor and master’s levels in the speciality 035 Philology specialization “The Germanic Languages and Literatures”, “The Eastern Languages and Literatures”, “Translation”, and in the speciality 055 International Relations, Public Communications and Regional Studios.

The teaching staff of the Translation Studies Department  numbers 5 lecturers including one Doctor of Philology, Professorof the Department; one Candidate of Philology, Associate Professor; two Candidates of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professors. They are highly qualified specialists with the practical experience and they convey it to students during the training of would-be philologists and translators/ interpreters.

Theoretical achievements of the department are realized during the courses of disciplines “Theory and Practice of Translation”, “Introduction to Translation Studies”, “Fundamentals of Literary Translation”, “Theoretical Course of English Language”, “Aspect Translation”, “Typological Research of Languages”, “Contemporary Linguistic Theories”, “Translation of Business Discourse”, “Scientific Researches in Translation Studies”, “Theory of Language Communication”, “Practical Course of English Language”, “Communicative Strategies of English Language”, “Text Stylistics”.

The Department is headed by Svitlana Perova, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences (“Theory and Methods of Professional Education”), Associate Professor.


Educational Activity

The department provides training in English Language and Translation at such educational qualification levels and specialities:

Bachelor’s Degree:
  • Philology. Translation. The English Language and Chinese Language and Literature
  • Philology. The Chinese and English Language and Literature
  • Philology. The Japanese and English Language and Literature
  • Philology. The Turkish and English Language and Literature
Master’s Degree
  • Translation (The English Language)



moiseeva krysalo
Svitlana Vyacheslavivna

Associate Professor
Olena Yuriivna
Doctor of Philology
Olga Viktorivna
Associate Professor
Nadiya Oleksandrivna
Associate Professor
Maryna Mykolaivna
Evgeniya Yosypivna
  Olena Kozub
Laboratory Assistantr


Research work of the department

Research work of the department is carried out in the following areas as “The Conceptual Integration of English into the Global Linguacultural Space”, “Methods of Teaching Foreign Language and Translation Students of Non-Linguistic Specialities”.

In accordance with complex Department theme “The Conceptual Integration of English into the Global Linguacultural Space”, Olena Moiseienko defended the thesis “Conceptual Integration of the English Language into Linguocultural Aspect of Eastern Africa” for a doctor’s degree.

The aim of work is the realization of complex research of cognitive-discourse transformations which occur in the process of conceptual integration of English into different linguocultural contexts on a global scale, and the determination of the factors which cause the features of English in a certain region. The fundamental value of the work consists in the development of a new scientific direction, the research of language facts of cognitive-discourse integration into multilinguocultural communicative space in the context of globalization of world processes and the development of the dynamic model of the interaction of mental structures of the cognitive experience of different linguocultures. The practical value of the research is conditioned by the fact that its results can be used in the courses on sociolinguistics, linguoculturology, cognitive linguistics, theory of communication, theory of cross-cultural communication, discourse studies.

The staff members of the Department focus on the problems of intercultural communication, methodological and sociolinguistic problems of translation studies, literatures of English-speaking countries and aspects of literary translation, grammatical, lexical and stylistic problems of translation of scientific and technical literature, problems of audiovisual translation and its main types (duplication, subtitling, voice-over translation) feature films, sitcoms, cartoons, etc., linguistic aspects of translation, the difficulties of interpretation.

In accordance with the direction “Methods of Teaching Translation” different methods and approaches to teaching translation using innovative technologies are investigated and worked out.


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