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Department of Romance and Germanic Philology


General information

Address: room 419a, Kovalia Street, 3, Poltava, Poltava Region, 36003

Phone number: +380667873665; +380954621979

E-mail: kafedrargflnu@gmail.com


The Romance and Germanic Philology Department is one of the fundamental departments on the Faculty of Foreign Languages, since it is profiling for those departments, where English, French and Spanish are the first or second specialty. To date, the Department employs 20 teachers, including 2 professors, doctor of philology and doctor of pedagogy, 7 associate professors and candidates of sciences (PhDs) in various specialties, senior teachers and assistants. The Head of the Department is PhD, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor Byndas Olena Mykolayivna.


Romance and Germanic Philology Department takes part in the training of specialists in such specialties:

Secondary education (Bachelor’s degree):
  • English language and literature (Full-time/Part-time);
  • German and English language and literature (Full-time/Part-time);
  • French English and Literature (Full-time);
  • Spanish English and literature (Full-time).
Secondary education (Master’s degree):
  • English language and Foreign literature (Full-time/Part-time);
  • German language and Foreign literature (Full-time/Part-time);
  • French language and Foreign literature (Full-time/Part-time).
Philology (Master’s degree):
  • Language and literature (English) (Full-time/Part-time);
  • Language and literature (German) (Full-time/Part-time);
  • Language and literature (French) (Full-time/Part-time).

Faculty of Ukrainian Philology and Social Communication

  • Ukrainian language and literature. Language and literature (English) (Bachelor’s degree)

Institute of Trade, Customer Services and Tourism

  • Tourism (Bachelor’s degree)
  • Hotel and Restaurant Business (Bachelor’s degree)

The Department provides teaching of professional disciplines for philological specialties, including Practical English Course, English: Practical Grammar, English: Practical Phonetics, English: Speaking and Writing Practice, Business English, Lexicology, Stylistics, Theoretical Grammar, Theoretical Phonetics, History of English language, Structural Typology, Germanic Languages: Topical Issues, Literary Text Interpretation, Theory and Practice of Translation, Linguistic Country Studies, Language and Cross-Cultural Communication, Linguistic Pragmatics, Sociolinguistics, etc.

Lecturers of the Department also work in non-linguistic specialties and teach such disciplines: English for special purposes, Business Foreign Language, Foreign Language (for undergraduates).

The professional level of teaching courses of English, German, French and Spanish philology is improved due to high-quality methodological support, the introduction of modern teaching methods, computerization of the learning process, the use of computer classes and the Internet, the development of distance courses. Lecturers of the Department oftentimes improve their qualifications, pass internships abroad and in Ukraine. The geography of places of their training and internship is diverse: Canada, Great Britain, USA, Spain, Germany, France, China, Hungary, Czech Republic and Poland. Lecturers of the Department take an active part in conferences, seminars of different levels, international scientific programs. They actively cooperate with the British Council in the framework of the project “English for Universities”. Training programs (English for Specific Purposes, English for Academic Purposes, Teaching at University in the 21st Century, Academic Teaching Excellence) provide an opportunity to get acquainted with modern approaches of teaching professional disciplines in English, a professional foreign language and English for academic purposes, improve the foreign languages proficiency.


The educational process provides the teaching staff of the Department:

Olena Mykolayivna,
Head of the Department, PhD,

Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences,
Associate Professor
Svitlana Oleksandrivna,
Dean of the Faculty of Foreign Languages,

Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences,
Olena Ivanivna,
Doctor of Philological Sciences,

saveleva koknova migovich
Nataliia Oleksandrivna,
Candidate of Philological Sciences,
Associate Professor
Tetiana Anatoliivna,
Candidate of Pedagogic Sciences,
Associate Professor
Iryna Viktorivna,
Candidate of Philological Sciences,
Associate Professor
Viktoriia Yevhenivna,
Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences,
Associate Professor
Liudmyla Vsevolodivna,
Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences,
Associate Professor
Tetiana Volodymyrivna,
Candidate of Philosophical Sciences,
Associate Professor
okunkova blednova
Liliia Oleksiivna,
Senior Lecturer
Viktoriia Volodymyrivna,
Senior Lecturer
Olha Hryhorivna,
Senior Lecturer
Liliia Oleksiivna,
Senior Lecturer
Iryna Anatoliivna,
Marharyta Viacheslavivna,
Vice Dean for Social
and Humanitarian Work, Lecturer
Vice Dean for Educational Work, Lecturer
Valeria Oleksandrivna,
Vice Dean for Foreign
Affairs with Students, Lecturer
Olena Valeriivna,
Senior Assistant, Lecturer
Hanna Oleksandrivna,
Iryna Serhiivna,


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