Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

I stage of the Ukrainian Student Olympiad

The first stage of the Ukrainian Student Olympiad in Social Pedagogy was conducted at the IPP on February 25.

It has been organized and headed by the Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associated Professor at the Department of Social Pedagogy Nataliia Pavlivna Krasnova.

The 1­st – 4th year students of “Social Pedagogy” were among the participants. The event was opened by the Rector of the university, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor S.V. Savchenko who mentioned the importance of students’ victories in Olympiads and competitions for university position in domestic and international ratings and value of skilled social experts for reforming society and state.

Director of the Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor O. L. Karaman congratulated the participants on this important event in university life and noted that “Social Pedagogy” students take prize places at the second stage of Ukrainian student Olympiad for several years making the university and Department of Social Pedagogy famous. And, despite university evacuation, Department of Social Pedagogy is still a leader in socio-pedagogical education and science of Ukraine because of the powerful school of science founded by S. Ya. Kharchenko.

Also O. L. Karaman presented the judges: Chairman – Head of the Department of Social Pedagogy, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor S. Ya. Kharchenko; members – Candidates of Pedagogical Sciences, Associated Professors N. P. Krasnova, N. L. Otroshchenko, O. I. Maltseva and Ya. I. Yurkiv.

Olympiad task included both theoretical and practical problems of social pedagogy.

Bright results were shown by the forth-year student Kateryna Napuda (supervisor – N. P. Krasnova) and the third year student Oleh Chernysh (supervisor – N. L. Otroshchenko).

The first-second year students discovered the interesting world of social pedagogue profession and gained experience of competitions.

Olympiad results will be announced on 29.02.2016.

The winners will take part in the second stage of Ukrainian Student Olympiad in Social Pedagogy at Zaporizhzhia National University from April 12 to April 15, 2016.

According to the Institute of Pedagogue and Psychology

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