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Web of Science Access

E-VERUM Consortium has provided LNU teachers and students with test access to Web of Science platform.

Web of Science platform provides access to bibliographic data of research articles by prestige periodicals, books and conference proceedings with citation indicating. It covers more than 57 mln records from 18 711 authoritative world magazines (including those in public access) and 150 000 conference proceedings in natural, social, humanitarian sciences and art.

Now scientometrical platform Web of Science is available for university IP-address in the city of Starobilsk at http://webofscience.com/ Test access includes the following data bases:

  • ScienceCitationIndexExpanded (1970-2016);
  • SocialScienceCitationIndex (1970-2016);
  • ArtsandHumanitiesCitationIndex (1975-2016);
  • ConferenceProceedingsCitationIndex (1990-2016);
  • BookCitationIndex (2003-2016);
  • ScieloCitationIndex (1980-2016);
  • EmergingSourcesCitationIndex (2015-2016);
  • KoreanJournalIndex (1980-2016);
  • ChineseScienceCitationDatabase (1989-2016);
  • DerwentInnovationsIndex (1963-2016);
  • MEDLINE (1950-2016).

Also university teachers and staff have a chance to explore resource InCitesJournalCitationReports available at https://jcr.incites.thomsonreuters.com.

Scientists, teachers and university staff members are welcome to discover Web of Science data base.

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