Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

Holiday of Word

Our concert hall is overcrowded again. This time, by people who loves their mother tongue…

The first run for the International Mother Language Day by Linguistic Revue Theater has brought together students of different specialties from our university and college, members of press-center, marketing department, culture and leisure center and lecturers.

The actors have read the works of modern writers including our fellows Mykola Rudenko, Ivan Nizovoi, Liubov Yakymchuk and Serhii Zhadan. The prescient words by Lina Kostenko, Vasyl Symonenko and Oksana Zabuzhko have excited and made to think, as it has always been. Skillfully performed modern Ukrainian songs have appealed: “Do not Be Ashamed – That is Your Land!” and proved: “From Luhansk to Lviv Ukraine is Above All Else!” Ukraininan dancing have been fascinating, striking and funny words have been surprising and dialects have been exciting.

Our talented students have inspired lecturers to performance as well – and the hall has been covered with the atmosphere of unity and imagination.

We would like to say without false modesty: debut has succeeded!

To be continued…

According to the Faculty of Ukrainian Philology and Social Communications

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