Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

Virtual Meeting with the Writer

Students of the Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology have taken part in the event from a cycle “Virtual Meeting with a Writer”.

At the end of 2015 students, teachers and staff of research library of Luhansk National University joined the All-Ukrainian Socio-Cultural Project “All of Ukraine Reads to Kids”. A number of interesting events in the kindergartens and schools of Starobilshchyna were organized within this project. Both children and students really enjoyed reading and staging works of classical and modern authors.

Recently, on February 19, students met with the authors of interesting adventure fictions for children Natalia Huzieieva and Kseniia Kovalska. Meeting was conducted within a framework “Virtual Meeting with a Writer” run in the beginning of the second semester. The guests presented their children’s books (Kapitoshka, Petechka Piatochkin, Green-Skin Little Men from Far-Out Planet Salatta, Funny Goats Kasha and Lialia, etc) to LNU library.

Students have carefully prepared for this event: they have read and analyzed the books, prepared video presentation of both writers, looked through their interviews in Ukrainian newspapers and magazines, made a selection of cartoons about recent children’s favorites – Piatochkin and Kapitoshka, organized and took active part in the discussion “Should the Adults Read Children’s Books?” Several points have aroused special interest among students and teachers. Some of them:

  • What evil is in offence?
  • Should we hold a grudge in our souls?
  • What is a real friendship?
  • Can we forget our roots?
  • What should be a priority in everyone’s life?

There will be a meeting of the Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology with the children of preschool establishments and pupils of Starobilshchyna soon. Children will meet with the heroes of Natalia Huzieieva, Kseniia Kovalska and other famous modern children’s writers.

Literature for children and youth is one of the most important professional disciplines of students of “Primary Education” specialty. Future teachers consider a lot of questions on children’s literature at lectures and seminars. Insight into children’s artwork is not just the meetings according to a curriculum but many interesting events on promotion of Ukrainian children’s book among young readers.

According to the Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology

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