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Training by Vakhtanh Kipiani

On February 17 Ukrainian journalist, publicist and historian Vakhtanh Kipiani gave a lecture for LNU students and teachers.

“Conflictology for Journalists” is training conducted within a project “Conflict in Media and Media in Conflict: Reporting Irritating Questions through Mass Media”. The project has a form of series of professionally educative actions held by Journalism School of the Ukrainian Catholic University jointly with public organization “Lviv Media Forum” supported by the British Embassy in Ukraine.

Project objective is improving skill of Ukrainian society to resolve conflicts by improving quality of Ukrainian media. The project supposes more professional covering pressing issues in media that will contribute developing objective view of conflict and tolerant national dialogue.

One of the main points was analysis of conflict processes in media in a view of historical and cultural heritage of the past and present.

Vakhtang Kipiani told about the importance of public discussion for decreasing social conflicts and journalism/history/politology role for this. He informed how journalism research could impact social awareness to resolve conflicts.

The other important point was different cultural and historical memory and skill to communicate it for social conflict management.

The lecturer with a particular focused on journalist/historian/political expert role definition for developing coherent papers and reflecting real state of society.

Due to the lecture the attendees mastered their skill to create more quality and impartial media product and realized how strongly the past affected the present.

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