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«Media School»: Reviving the Tradition

Students of Faculty of Ukrainian Philology and Social Communication attended journalism workshop.

It was conducted by the lecturer from the Department of Journalism and Publishing, practicing TV journalist Yevhen Oleksandrovych Solomin. This is the first workshop in a portion of meetings with practicing journalists within a framework of “Media School”.

“Department of Journalism and Publishing started “Media School” classes two years ago. Traditionally we held them twice a year: Christmas and summer ones. By experience of past years, this is not just the most effective method for skill acquisition but a chance to make certain of career choice, to meet famous journalists who can give the benefit of their progress and practices.”

Despite the fact that university is displaced to Starobilsk, we do not want our students to lose an opportunity of social intercourse with professionals. We have decided to renew this tradition. Two workshops are slated for February intramural session. The first one is by Yevhen Oleksandrovych Solomin and the second one by Kyiv journalist, presenter and author of TV-channel “Tonis” Viktoriia Yershova. The second workshop will be conducted via Skype because our university is fully equipped for remote training” – told the Head of Department of Journalism and Publishing Natalia Mykhailivna Fedotova.

Workshop participants were mastering a skill to find local news topics. They were choosing topics according to proprietary know-how: synectics, catalogue method and were looking for the topics under their feet in the truest sense of the word.

“Searching news under feet” was very uncommon. We were going through the floors and were looking under our feet to find news. It seemed impossible. But then we could not stop because even typical duster could recall a lot of problems: from low salary of support staff to poor culture level of people who do not respect someone’s labour”, – shared impressions student of “Journalism” Nina Kalamaiko.

Students were vividly discussing the topics, sorting them according to their value and proving the importance of covering them in local news.

“I liked a method when we were trying to see a problem through the problem’s eyes. Such approach allowed covering new topic details that we had not seen at first”, – told the student of “Journalism” Artem Borysenko.

The most important thing students learned at the workshop is not to be afraid of fresh thinking. Such approach makes usual news interesting and attracts publicity to important problems. This is real journalist professionalism.

Yevhen Oleksandrovych Solomin noted: “Teachers of the Department of Journalism and Publishing make both intramural and remote classes interesting. We always take an opportunity to share intelligence with students. These classes showed that the students of Ukrainian Philology and Social Communications were creative and special persons. They have bright career future and we will help them to go professional.”

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