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LNU is 95: Memories and Congratulations of Graduates

March 1 University celebrates 95th anniversary. On the eve of our alumni to share their memories of student years.

Graduate 1974 of Faculty of Physical Education congratulates the university and runs back over the student years.

Valentyna Petrivna Stoliarova is a top-rank teacher, Outstanding Teacher of USSR and teaching methodology expert.


Dear university, my congratulations on your 95th anniversary! I am happy to make a declaration of love and devotion to teacher’s profession. I have already been working as a physical education teacher at Starobilsk gymnasium for 41 years and I am constantly improving my skills.

Institute years have left bright memories in my heart:

  • work at collective farm has developed team friendship and taught to cooperate (it has been a real fun!);
  • preparations and performances at May 1 and November 7 parades. We have been proud and happy with this moments;
  • camping trip with guitar songs;
  • swimming test and 5 meters jumping, fear and fun;
  • lectures in room No. 505 where the whole course (4 groups by 25 students)has been. It has been a wonderful time to chat;
  • anatomy classes where we have indicated nervous and muscles at preserved body (it has been terrifying the first time);
  • physiology classes where we have studied reflexes through the frogs;
  • interesting sport trainings and lessons;
  • skating rink near dormitory and stadium where we have enjoyed skating (faculty has given out skates to everybody);
  • dormitory room for 7 persons, education and communication was fun and fascinating in it.

I would like to lower my head towards V. P. Shutvynov, V. Kovalko, V. P. Shovhur, S. V. Kruhlyi, Ye. Ya. Dumina, H. A. Kolot, A. M. Kolomyiets, V. H. Shevtsov and the others who have given me good knowledge and a wish to improve myself all the time.

Best regards,
Valentyna Petrivna Stoliarova
the City of Starobilsk


On the eve of the 95th anniversary of LNU our graduate, Honored Teacher of Ukraine Klavdiia Ivanivna Markovych has shared her memories.

Klavdiia Ivanivna is not just an experienced teacher, she is a born teacher. Her colleagues and pupils love her and pupils’ parents respect. Her pedagogical experience of 44 years is duly appreciated. She is a premium quality mathematics teacher, “Outstanding Teacher of Ukraine”, Honored Teacher of Ukraine, has the Order of the Badge of Honor.


In 1949 Klavdiia Ivanivna left the First Ukrainian Girl’s Secondary School and entered Starobilsk Teacher’s Institute for Physic and Mathematics Faculty. Having graduated it with honors, she was accepted for the third course of Physics and Mathematics Faculty of Luhansk Pedagogical Institute. At the same time she was working as a teacher at Borysiv school of Troitsk district for one year. The next five academic years, from 1952 to 1957, she was director and mathematics teacher at Baidovka school. After institute she came to Shulhinka secondary school, having honors diploma and some experience.

Klavdiia Ivanivna has only kind memories about institute years:

  • Our faculty’s teachers were just wonderful. Most of all I remember elementary mathematics classes by mathematics pedagogue, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor Lev Mykhailovych Lopovok, physics classes by Panteleev and mathematics ones by Korolov.

But most of all I enjoyed our communication, meetings with girls in dormitory and singing songs. We were very close, supported and helped each other.

This year our university is 95 and Klavdiia Ivanivna congratulates students and university members:

  • From the bottom of my heart I congratulate the University on this wonderful and important holiday. I wish students and teachers good health to work and study with maximum performance. Live by a code – if you want to make others happy, first of all be happy by yourself.

Luhansk Taras Shevchenko National University is proud of its graduates and Klavdiia Ivnivna is the best person to follow and to be proud of.

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