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Creative Cooperation for Donbass Schools

LNU has joined Lithuania and Ukraine innovative educational project “Creative Cooperation for Donbas Schools”.

“Creative Cooperation for Donbas Schools” is a project implemented by Lithuanian organization “Creative Contacts” and Ukrainian public organization “New Donbas” supported by the Embassy of Lithuania in Ukraine.


Creative Cooperation Program was developed 15 years ago in Great Britain. The main program idea is that a creative expert comes to the problem schools, analyzes situation and looks for a solution together with teachers and pupils. After such analytical part they create education process that takes into account the specifics of education.

Project participants have tried different methods of creative education and developed their own. Volunteers of New Donbas – students and young experts in film, music, theater, fine art and so on – were conducting different master classes, lessons and meetings according to the methods of Creative Contacts. Lithuanian colleagues together with New Donbas managers have met with the children and teachers and analyzed the difficulties in education and teaching.

The participants have found out that the schoolchildren in the near-front zone needed assistance in:

  • developing positive motivation to education;
  • search for educational goal;
  • establishing continuous connection between education and life;
  • self-identification of a person as a citizen of Ukraine;
  • personal development with the responsibility for own life and life of society;
  • developing critical thinking;
  • developing skills of cooperation to solve problems.

Luhansk Taras Shevchenko National University has joined the project “Creative Cooperation for Donbas Schools”. So, university teachers and students can take part in the trainings and refresher coursers organized by NEW Donbas jointly with Lithuanian partners.

The project supposes internship in the schools of Luhansk and Donetsk regions.

Also students and teachers have a chance to go to Lithuania within the exchange programs with Lithuania partners.

For more information and registration please contact Student Social Service.

  • Person of contact: Olena Henadiivna Dorohavtseva
  • Tel. +38 (050) 938-43-55.
  • E-mail: alenadorogavtseva@gmail.com
  • Organizer: Public organization “New Donbas”
  • Co-organizer: Luhansk Taras Shevchenko National University
  • Coordinator: Student Social Srervice

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