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LNU has Joined UERA

This January LNU has joined UERA – Ukrainian Educational Research Association.

For Luhansk National University UERA membership is a result of hard activity of university researchers interested in native educational research and in possibility to be a member of the international team that has a common goal – improving the quality of educational services in Ukraine.

For reference. Ukrainian Educational Research Association (UERA) is a nongovernmental non-profit research organization that is a part of European Educational Research Association (http://www.eera-ecer.de/).

UERA is based on the following values:

  • democratic management;
  • research ethics;
  • evidence-based pedagogy;
  • cooperation;
  • expanding research resources;
  • interdisciplinarity.

UERA purposes:

  • building strong research organization of all-Ukrainian level by its members to expand research resource of all members;
  • improving quality of empiric researches in education of Ukraine;
  • promoting development of interdisciplinarity in researches;
  • expanding pedagogy field due to cooperation with schools of action research, lesson study and evidence-based pedagogy;
  • promoting development of critical dialogue and feedback between the researches, institutes and society at large;
  • making contribution in professional development and expanding research resource of UERA members;
  • improving cooperation between researches in education in Ukraine and abroad;
  • contributing to creation of educational researchers networking in Ukraine and abroad;
  • creating infrastructure for strong cooperation between higher educational establishments in Ukraine and abroad;
  • providing strong contribution to discussion of education reforming through round tables, analytical notes and promoting recommendations on these reforms, literature and scientific papers reviews;
  • promulgating research results and providing dialogue platform for policy of education reforming through publications in scientific peer-reviewed journal “UERA’s Papers in Education” (starts in 2016).

For any question regarding membership in UERA please contact: ltsnuinterdept@gmail.com, irina.migovich@gmail.com.

According to the Center for International and Educative Work

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