Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

LNU – the Leader of E-Learning in Ukraine

LNU invites everyone interested to get leading new education at the university of future even today.

Luhansk Taras Shevchenko National University has completed transforming education process according to the European standards. New approaches are based on 10 years of own experience and the best European achievements in e-learning. Since 2004, Luhansk National University has started providing a possibility to get quality education not only in traditional modes – in the classrooms through the lectures, practical and seminar trainings – but using the European experience of online education.


After evacuation from Luhansk to Starobilsk, LNU has become a leader of distance education in Ukraine. The implementation of this approach has showed that it was not enough just to provide educational materials – they had to be adapted to distance form of education.

Educational texts and their working methods have been integrated during the process of e-learning implementation. Today’s student of LNU works with educational texts that include clear guidance with all necessary actions (to read, to write, to note, to solve a search problem, to find examples, to answer the questions, etc.) and a clear algorithm to complete them.

One of the main advantages of e-learning at the university is its individualization. In distance course student communicates with a teacher through different means – by learning educational materials, performing tasks or communicating face-to-face.

Student is not alone with a course – LNU provides quality methodical and technical support organized according to Swiss education standards. In addition, every specialty has tutors who assist students and answer the questions.

The university has a system of week planning of education process when during every new week there is work with lectures, practical tasks and tests. Student has a possibility to study at any convenient time.

It should be noted that e-learning at LNU is developed on the base of the European approaches to education. A teacher and a student has academic freedom that means that to have access to university education system, one just needs to have access to the Internet.

E-learning at LNU opens new possibilities for getting professional skills due to the international internships in the famous companies in Ukraine and over the world.

Do not miss a chance to be a student of the new-generation university!

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