Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

Classroom Weeks

Institute of Physics, Mathematics and Information Technologies organized classroom weeks from December 14 to December 25.

Students of the specialty “Document Science and Information Activity” came to Starobilsk where they were attending the lectures and working at laboratory and practical trainings. At the end of the semester they passed final tests and exams. Master’s students attended Starobilsk museum in the course of “Museology”.

Since December 21 there are trainings in Kreminna for the students of the following specialties:

  • “Software Engineering”,
  • “Computer Engineering”,
  • “Computer Science”,
  • “Mathematics”.

Final year students discussed their diploma and master projects with the teachers.

The first year students attended the classroom lessons as well. They communicated with their groupmates, senior students and told the teachers about the difficulties occur during education.

Students enjoyed the lessons and communication with groupmates and teachers. Now they are looking forward to the next classroom week.

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