Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

Saint Nicholas Day

Students of Faculty of Natural Sciences of LNU organized a holiday of Saint Nicholas Day for the children with special needs.

On the eve of Saint Nicholas Day the students of Luhansk National University of specialties “Geography”, “Ecology” and “Forest and Park Gardening” visited Kreminna Regional Special Boarding School No. 1. This school was founded in 1969 for the 5 – 19 years old children with after-effects of poliomyelitis and infantile cerebral paralysis.

Students congratulated children and told them about Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker who had brought joy and a hope for happy future to everybody. In return, the pupils read poems and performed interesting sketch for the guests. Of course, there were a lot of presents – children received tangerines and sweets from Saint Nicholas.

Faculty of Natural Sciences expresses gratitude to the Director of Kreminna Regional Special Boarding School No. 1 Leonid Anatoliiovych Holii, Deputy Director for Educative Work Svitlana Viktorovna Makhur and all teachers for their warm welcome and sincere children smiles!

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