Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

Volleyball Open Championship Start

New Year Tournament in mini football has passed and volleyball open university championship has started.

Today championships are aimed to check sport reserves and activate sporting and recreational activity among the students and university staff.

Nine teams including two consisted of the teachers has applied for the volleyball championship. This is teachers’ team which has demonstrated a perfect game and proved that keeping body in tone allows competing with the youth and showing them the best. The teachers of Professional Lyceum has won in power group B. From the beginning of the first round they have succeeded in the game with the second-year students’ team of IPES led by its leader Maryna Lisiieienkova (by the way, she plays for Sievierodonchanka) by the score of 2:0.

This championship has allowed playing in combined teams, so women could play in men’s teams. Girls of Starobilsk Humanitarian and Pedagogical College have played on the equal ground with the men in group A together with the teams of the first and third years of IPES and picked team of LNU College.

This time they have failed but nevertheless gained a valuable experience. University sport club has presented them money reward in nomination “The Most Beautiful Team at the Championship”. The first year students of IPES study at the premises of Starobilsk are the winners.

Picked team of Professional Lyceum teachers has not given any chance to their competitors in power group B having won by a score of 2:0. In the second round their leading player Oleksandr Ruzhyn has left the play field but after his returning in the third round everything has fallen right into place. Four games and four victories have brought the teachers of Professional Lyceum to the first position. Three teams were fighting for the second place: PE College, the second year of IPES and the picked team of university institutes “Otamany”. “Otamany” has left behind their opposition and taken the second place. The second year of IPES is on the third position. LNU teachers have won one round but failed in all four games, so they are on the fifth place.

Sport year 2015 has been finished by volleyball. Our students have a great desire to participate in the competitions. 2016 will be full of sport events – university tournaments and championships in basketball, table tennis, chess, mini football, athletics and aerobics. Students and teachers will have active sporting life. We think this sport activity should be organized like a holiday and at a high emotional level.

Chairman of Sport Club of LNU
P. V. Yaroshenko

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