Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

Championship of Soul-Mates

More than two months have passed since basketball game dedicated to Teachers’ Day between the teams of LNU lecturers and the teachers of Kreminna district.

As a reminder, our colleagues have won that game. Idea of such meetings was continued last Saturday. At the initiative of the Director of the Institute of Physical Education and Sports Yu. M. Poluliashchenko, Open Basketball Championship of Luhansk Regional Department (Branch) of the MES of Ukraine among the teachers and lecturing staff dedicated to the 25th anniversary of Olympic Movement in Ukraine was conducted.

The competitions were held in Kreminna Sports Complex “Olimp”. Three teams took part in them: the lecturers of IPES, the teachers of Kreminna district and Trade Union of educators of Luhansk region.

The first rivals for our sportsmen were the colleagues from Kreminna. It was a difficult game. Both teams changed each other in leadership. Only in the end of the final quarter our basketball players took the lead. They won by a score of 56:48.

The second game was quiet different. Each quarter ended with a minimal lead of our sportsmen but we were not positive about victory. Trade Union sportsmen played aggressively and quickly. Significant difference in score (52:39) does not demonstrate the stress of the game.

LNU team was awarded with the Cup for the first place. Trade Union representatives are on the second place and district teachers are on the third. The best player is Oleksandr Dubovoi, lecturer of the Department of Olympic and Professional Sports.

After Championship there was friendly tea-drinking without winners and beaten but only soul-mates and friends, plans and dreams for future.

Let’s keep that up, colleagues!

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