Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

Final of New Year Tournament

Lysychansk Pedagogical College and the second year of Physical Education of IPES – those students who study in Starobilsk – were the much fancied teams in Mini-Football New Year Tournament.

Lysychansk easily beat young team of professional lyceum in the first round by a score of 8:4, PE-2 won in the game with the representatives of Institute of Trade by a score of 6:3.

The second round was for the contenders to the first place – Lysychansk PC and PE-2. At the first minute Lysyschansk Pedagogical College opened the scoring. PE-2 made a ball only once. The first round ended with a score of 5:1 for Lysychansk. Everybody thought that this was a victory but host team had another opinion and won the second round by the same score of 5:1. As a result – stand-off 6:6. Now the first place depends on the games of Lysychansk – ITCST and PE-2 – Professional Lyceum. Lysychansk football players made 21 balls and missed just 6. The final game demonstrated really good football. Lyceum played quiet well but finally PE-2 won by a score of 8:4.

Lysychansk PC and PE-2 gained by seven scores but due to the best difference of made and missed balls the team of Lysychansk PC is on the top, PE-2 is on the second position and the representatives of ITCST who had beaten professional lyceum by a score of 6:4 took the third place.

Winners were awarded with diplomas and money rewards.

Chairman of Sports Club of LNU
P. V. Yaroshenko

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