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Webinar «Anti-Corruption»

Webinar “Anti-Corruption” was conducted in Window on America Center on December 9 as a part of classroom trainings in English.

The event was dedicated to the International Anti-Corruption Day. The students of DV 2. O 2 UML 2 groups discussed such serious subjects as “What corruption is and why our society has it” and “Fighting corruption”. Students considered anti-corruption policy carried out by state service in Ukraine with the involvement of foreign experience.

There were a number of events dedicated to the International Anti-Corruption Day including webinar in Window on America Center. Webinar was organized at the premises of Faculty of Sociology and Management of Zaporizhzhya National University and performed by universities-partners of joint Community Based Approach to Local Development Project within the International Anti-Corruption Day. Its participants discussed the idea of the International Anti-Corruption Day, main statements of UN Convention against corruption and the specifics of its signing and ratification, tradition of holding this event in other countries, Ukrainian and international experience in fighting corruption. Leading professors and students from LNU and other Ukrainian universities took part in the meeting.

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