Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

New Year Tournament

LNU develops its sports work. So, “New Year Tournament” has started after open championship in mini-football.

Twelve teams have started their fight for the honorary prize. Lecturers and university staff have created their own team alongside with the students. Tournament has included two stages. During the first one the teams have been divided into three groups. Then for three days the teams have been deciding the winners in their groups.

Four teams – the winners of the groups and the team which takes the second place – get in the second stage. Each group has a hard fight for the first place. Lecturers’ team shows quiet good results. They get a strong victory in the game with SHPC-DV by a score of 9:4 and in the game with DED-3 by a score of 14:2. Major matchup is with the football players of Lysychansk Pedagogical College but the lecturers are tired by the end of the game. The last ten minutes are crucial when four balls are in goal. More experienced players win by a score of 2:1 in the first round. The second round they are up by 3:2 and the youth get the upper hand by a score of 6:3. Lysychansk players as well as the lecturers get a strong victory and take the first place in group A and get into the final fourth.

The representatives of PE-2 from the Institute of Physical Education are the winners in group B. But the football players from ITCST are a serious opposition for them, the first round ends in a draw and only in the last minutes PE-2 brakes down the resistance of the opposition and wins by a score of 7:4.

ITCST presents a good game winning PE-1 by a score of 10:1 and the second team of professional lyceum by a score of 15:2. Such victories lead the team to the final forth.

The most complicated situation was in group B. Three teams gain by 6 scores and the first team of professional lyceum takes the first place.

Chairman of LNU Sports Club
P.V. Yaroshenko

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