Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

Participation in the workshop

The higher education applicants of the Faculty of Foreign Languages took part in the online workshop.

Promoting the consistency and orderliness of the process of mastering a foreign language is one of the strategic objectives of the Faculty of Foreign Languages, which finds its implementation, in particular, in the introduction of non-formal education in the provision of educational services.

Thus, applicants for 1 – 4 courses of the specialty «014 Secondary education. Language and Literature (Spanish, English)» together with the Spanish language teacher of our university, Deputy Dean of Social and Humanitarian Affairs of the Faculty of Foreign Languages,Valeria Shkarlet took part in an online workshop by Mr. Alejandro Nievas, participant of the public initiative «Vostok-SOS», Severodonetsk, Luhansk region, and the Ukrainian Red Cross Charitable Organization. The theme of the workshop was focused on the peculiarities of the volunteer movement in Ukraine, as well as on the participation of foreign citizens – partners and employees of international organizations.

During the workshop, Mr. Nievas also spoke about himself, his experience of living and working in Ukraine, traveling to almost 20 countries around the world as a representative of the Red Cross, as well as an active participant in the Pangea Ultima Development Center. The specifics of the work of organizations in different countries, their purpose and main activities were outlined in details. There was also a cursory talk about the culture of Spain, the traditions of Christmas and New Year celebrations. The discussion block of the workshop reaffirmed the expediency of organizing events with native speakers, because for students of the Faculty of Foreign Languages ​​they are an inexhaustible source of new and relevant information about the features of speech and cultural code of a culture.                       

The Faculty of Foreign Languages, on behalf of the administration and students, would like to thank Mr. Alejandro Nievas for participating in the workshop and looking forward to further cooperation.

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