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Final certification

On January 10, 2022, the final certification began at the Department of Production Technologies and Vocational Education.

On January 10-11, 2022, the qualification works of higher education applicants of the second (master’s) level of the specialty “Secondary Education. Labor Training and Technology” were defended.  20 people were admitted to the defense.

Qualification papers were devoted to the methodology of teaching various modules of the subject “Technology” in the senior classes of institutions of general secondary education, the use of information and innovative technologies in the educational field “Technology”, etc. It should be noted that out of 20 higher education applicants, 12 are already working as teachers of labor education and technology in institutions of general secondary education.

The defense was at a high level. The higher education applicants demonstrated their theoretical research, methodological and practical developments. The Commission noted the solid report and brilliant defense of qualification papers by higher education applicants Alina Verbetska, Anna Dovzhanska, Inna Nergesh, Anna Antoshchuk, Svitlana Hryhor, Iryna Dubrovska, Yevgen Popov, Olena Shyniaeva and Natalia Yakoba. They were rated “excellent”. All other applicants for higher education were rated “good”.

It is necessary to note the thorough preparation of higher education applicants and the content of master’s work, as evidenced by the high marks given to higher education applicants by the examination committees.

The chairman and members of the examination committees were satisfied with the defense of higher education applicants and wished the graduates success and professional achievements!

Congratulations to all higher education applicants and their scientific advisers on the successful defense of qualification papers.

We wish the graduates success in their future professional activities!

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