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Resumption of cooperation with the University TV and Radio Studio

The students and teaching staff of the Department of Journalism and Publishing met with a stakeholder.

On November 23, in a double format – on the basis of the TV and radio studio of our university and on the Microsoft Teams platform – a meeting was held with specialists of the Marketing Department, as well as representatives of the student self-government. Its head Iryna Bakhmet presented the history of the creating the University Radio Studio “University Wave”, which later grew into a TV and Radio Studio – a powerful information center for higher education.

Today, the University TV and Radio Studio has become a professional platform for higher education applicants majoring in 061 “Journalism” within the framework of practical training and the introduction of elements of dual education. Since 2017, on the basis of the Marketing Department, higher education applicants have been actively improving their professional skills in creating radio, photo and video materials of various genres, hone their rhetorical abilities, act as employees of the university press service, etc. The higher education applicants also apply to the university press center to test the theoretical knowledge already acquired, using the opportunity to implement scenarios of radio broadcasts on the Internet radio “University Wave” or to implement advertising projects for career guidance. Such cooperation allows the preparation of creative qualification projects for fourth-year students, which are submitted for final certification. This is largely charged by the powerful material and technical base of the television and radio studio: professional radio and television equipment, electronics, instruments and equipment of the premises itself, which comprehensively contributes to the preparation of high-quality media production.

At the end of the meeting, Oleksandr Mironenko, chairman of the student self-government of Luhansk Taras Shevchenko National University, stated that the University TV and Radio Studio is a powerful material and technical arsenal that opens up extraordinary opportunities for the development of journalistic skills and called for increased cooperation in the implementation of joint projects.

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