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Online training for students

The Pedagogy Department conducted the training “Secrets of Predicting a Successful Professional Future” for the 3rd year students majoring in “Physical Therapy, Ergotherapy”.

The problem of self-determination of the professional future is of particular relevance for modern specialists. Today, in order to become successful, one must not only choose the right profession, but also be able to predict the model of becoming oneself as a professional, feel the vector of future changes in time, determine the strategy of behavior in the competitive struggle, understand the latest technologies and be aware of modern trends.

The aim of the training “Secrets of Predicting a Successful Professional Future” is to develop predictive skills and abilities of future specialists, necessary for the formation of predictive competence. This training was implemented as part of the elective course “Trendspotting and the professional future of a modern specialist”, which higher education applicants choose in many specialties of almost all institutes and faculties of our university.

During the training, students analyzed the professiogram of a specialist in their profession, watched a video that tells about the features of the professions of the future, such as a garbage designer, an architect of digital offices, an artificial intelligence specialist, a crisis consultant, a mind fitness trainer, etc., which, being born today, according to the most conservative forecasts, they should gain significant popularity in a few years. They also discussed the complexity of the problem of choosing a future profession by a young person in the modern conditions of uncertainty and variability in all spheres of life. At the end of the event, the participants willingly shared their vision of positive expectations and risks in their own profession.

The Pedagogy Department, ER IPP

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