Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

All-Ukrainian Radio Dictation of National Unity

LNU students took part in the All-Ukrainian Radio-Dictation of National Unity.

The radio-dictation was dedicated to the celebration of the Day of Ukrainian Writing and Language. This year subject was symbolical – “Radio-Dictation of National Unity is 15 Years”.

“Famous Ukrainian artists, scientists, government and public figures, politicians and everyone who wants to save and develop the native language have been invited to take part in the All-Ukrainian Radio-Dictation of National Unity. The Vice-Prime Minister – the Minister of Culture of Ukraine Viacheslav Kyrylenko writes the dictation of national unity as well” – announces the Press-Service of the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine.

According to the Ukrainian Radio website, National Radio Company of Ukraine started this event in 2000. Since then, every year radio listeners can participate in the writing and to find out their language level.

Everyone can join the campaign and to write a diction right near your radio and this year – near your TV set. And then, if you wish, you can send your work to the Ukrainian Radio for the checking or you can wait for the summarizing live on television and to check by yourself. This year dictation is considered as the international.

Faculty of the Ukrainian Philology and Social Communication organized dictation at our university. Among the most active participants are the students of FUPSC, IPP and Humanitarian and Pedagogical College of LNU.

Head of the Department of Ukrainian Philology and General Linguistics, Doctor of Philological Sciences, Professor Kateryna Dmytrivna Hlukhovtseva will check the works.

“The All-Ukrainian Radio Dictation of National Unity has been attracting thousands of the Ukrainian both in Ukraine and abroad for 15 years. It shows the solidarity of those who love and respect the native word and language. This is not just testing your Ukrainian but it is encouragement to the use, promotion, protection and development of the state language” – the Ministry of Culture writes on its website.

Yuliia Tretiakova, Press-Center of LNU

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