Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

Preparatory Courses: the First Steps to EIE 2016

Preparatory classes for EIE – 2016 (external independent evaluation) has already lasted for a month at the Faculty of Pre-Professional Training.

“Our university has been performing pre-professional training since 1923 when so-called workers’ faculty was created – the preparatory department for the workers and farmers. Preparatory courses for EIE started in 2008 when the external independent evaluation was implemented in our country”, – told the Head of the Faculty of Pre-Professional Training Nataliia Yuriivna Matsai.

This year the university has proceeded the normal working mode. As before, the majority of students study in the classrooms of LNU (the city of Starobilsk) but also there are groups at the premises of schools, gymnasiums, lyceums and educational establishments of I – II accreditation levels of Luhansk region. The university cooperates with these educational establishments within the concluded agreements on cooperation and joint working.

This year the preparatory courses are attended by more than 100 attendees who study such subjects as Ukrainian language and literature, history of Ukraine, mathematics, English, Biology, Physics and Geography. Also there are classes of preparation for the creativity competition in journalism.

“Course education is a hard work of both a teacher and a course participant. This year attendees are very studious and active. They attend classes with great pleasure. The gain knowledge will be a strong foundation for the future education at the university”, – notes the Head of the Postgraduate Department, Associate Professor, Candidate of Historical Sciences Svitlana Oleksandrivna Vovk.

But the quality of knowledge acquisition much depends on the teacher, his teaching experience and skill, the ability to explain” – adds the Dean of Faculty of Ukrainian Philology and Social Communications, Associated Professor, Candidate of Philological Sciences Tetiana Stepanivna Pinchuk and the Associated Professor, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences Nadiia Semenivna Bezhodova.

Our courses are aimed at quality preparation for EIE, psychological adaptation of future applicants and help in specialty choice.

To provide the high training quality, our educational process combines the classic forms of education – lecturers, seminars, practical lessons – and the modern technologies of distance learning.

Our lecturers always attend the seminars on the important questions of training for the external independent evaluation. That is why they respond even to the changes made already during the preparation.

So, the applicants who are not sure where to prepare for EIE, hurry up and not hesitate with the choice.

Attend our preparatory department and be ready for EIE and creative competitions!

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