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Wikipedia is Getting Closer

The informal meeting of the representatives of Ukrainian Wikipedia with its future correspondents was held in the informational center “Window on America” on November 2.

As the organization website notes, Wikimedia Ukraine promotes the development of Wikipedia – free-content encyclopedia, flagship project Wikimedia Foundation and its other projects through the development of editor community, knowledge expanding and cooperation with partners. Wikimedia Ukraine is a regional chapter of Wikimedia Foundation in Ukraine. The chapter was created in 2009.

According to Wikipedia website, it is the Internet’s largest and most popular general reference work and it is the most comprehensive encyclopedia has ever created in the history of mankind.

Wikipedia materials as well as other projects of Wikimedia Foundation are free for use, dissemination and improvement under the licenses Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike 3.0 Unported and GFDL. The website does not contain advertising banners and works through the voluntary donations.

In informal surrounding the Wikipedia members told, discussed and answered the questions about project and future training on aspects of change, placement and writing articles for Wikipedia. Pavlo Lakiichuk, Leonid Ovcharenko, Dmytro Karlov and Levon Azizian shared their experience and knowledge.

 Yuliia Tretiakova, Press-Center of LNU

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