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Scientific activity of the Design Department

The teaching staff of the Design Department is actively engaged in scientific activities.

During April, the teachers of the Design Department were actively involved in scientific activities, took part in international and all-Ukrainian scientific and practical conferences, international internships, conducted online events, seminars and master classes.

So, on April 15-16, the Department of Graphic Design of the Faculty of Design and Advertising of the Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts held the All-Ukrainian Scientific and Practical Conference “Design after the Postmodern Era: Ideas, Theory, Practice”.

Teachers of the Design Department of the State Institution “Luhansk Taras Shevchenko National University” took an active part in the conference. In particular, Svitlana Borisova and Olha Kostiuk prepared reports and acted as speakers at the sectional meetings, where they discussed the development of design in Ukraine, the manifestation of post-postmodernism in the modern world and addressed the problems of the potential of virtual fashion as a phenomenon of the modern fashion industry.

On April 20, 2021, the Design Department hosted a pre-defense of creative works of higher education applicants for Bachelor’s degree, specialty 022 “Design”, educational program “Design of hairstyles and the art of make-up”, which took place online on the Microsoft Teams platform. The higher education applicants prepared reports and presentations of creative images on the selected topic.

The teacher Natalia Diachenko held a master class on “Kinusaiga” at the Severodonetsk Art Gallery. Kinusaiga is an unusual Japanese technique, the art of creating magnificent panels, paintings using several techniques: applique, mosaic, woodcarving and patchwork. This technique is used not only for picturesque paintings and colorful panels, but also for decorating various household items. At the master class, everyone got acquainted with the history of the emergence of the “Japanese” miracle, the technique of performance, the necessary materials and tools. They also put the acquired knowledge into practice.

On April 22, the Faculty of Design of the Kyiv National University of Technology and Design held the III International Scientific and Practical Conference “Actual Problems of Modern Design”. Svitlana Borisova, Associate Professor of the Design Department of the Educational and Research Institute of Commerce, Serving Technologies and Tourism of the State Institution “Luhansk Taras Shevchenko National University”, who prepared a report on the topic “Features of Designing Advent- Calendar as a Design Objectˮ.

On April 28, Svitlana Borisova held a master class for the first-third year higher education applicants of the EP “Graphic Design”.

The theme of Easter was chosen, where students learned to create 3-D objects in the form of Krashenka. After completing the master class, applicants shared the result of their new knowledge in the form of bright colors.

The result of the scientific work of the teaching staff of the Design Department of the ER ICSTT was cooperation with international partners.

Head of the Department Iryna Prodan completed an international internship “International Projects: Writing, Application, Management and Reporting”, organized by the Foundation, Central European Academy of Studies and Certification (CEASC), Bydgoszcz, Poland, and received a workload certificate of 6 credits (180 h).

Professor Viacheslav Borisov, Associate Professor Svitlana Borisova and Associate Professor Olha Kostiuk took part in the scientific and pedagogical internship “INNOVATIVE METHODS OF ORGANIZING THE EDUCATIONAL PROCESS IN THE FIELD OF CULTUROLOGY AND ARTS IN UKRAINE AND EU COUNTRIES and received the certificates for 6 credits (180 hours).



We wish the teachers strength and further development in scientific activity!

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