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Master Class for Teachers

LNU lecturers participated in master class “Cooperation of Educational Establishment with Other Institutions Aimed at Modeling the Health-Providing Competences of Children”.

The event was organized by District Department of Public Education of Starobilsk.

The master class was conducted within district methodical association of health foundations teachers at the premises of Starobilsk Specialized Comprehensive School No. 3.

The lecturers of university, school teachers, teachers of Starobilsk Regional Medical School and the representatives of the Ministry of Emergencies took part in the event.

Olha Petrivna Prasolova presented her report “Stationary Educative Activity of Starobilsk Medical School”. Olha Petrivna suggested preparing the plans of conversation subjects in advance to improve further cooperation with schools. These conversations should be held not by the teachers of medical school but by the final year students. This will make pupils better understand important information on their health.

The subject “The Features of Training Health Foundation Teachers in the Current Context” was developed by the Dean of the Faculty of Natural Sciences of LNU, Candidate of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor Oleh Oleksandrovyah Vynohradov.

Today Ukraine has about 140 000 disabled children: for the last 5 years the level of children’s disability has increased by 24%. More than half of 12 – 14 years old children (62%) drink alcohol. Every second teenager smokes after reaching 15 years, and one in five uses drugs.

The reasons of aggravations include low level of health knowledge; physical inactivity; insufficient qualifications of teachers and educators on health and physical activity; parents’ ignorance and disinterest in health of their children.

As the main problems related to teaching health foundations at comprehensive school, Vynohradov considers the “low” status of the subject at school and the lack of teachers’ system knowledge and practical skills to use interactive methods which are an integral part of the learning process.

Oleh Oleksandrovych explained that the mentioned problems could be solved by dialogue and mutually advantageous cooperation between school and university which trains the teachers of heath foundation.

Lecturer of the Department of Philosophy and Sociology of the Institute of History, International Relations and Socio-Political Sciences Kateryna Mykhailivna Kotelenets expanded on a topic of affective behavior of upper-form pupils.

Leading specialist of the Ministry of Emergencies Oleksandr Viktorovych Velykotskyi told about cooperation of the Ministry of Emergencies with school in the case of emergencies.

Yuliia Tretiakova, Press-Center of LNU

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