Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

A Year has Passed

A year has passed since the Institute of Physical Education and Sports of LNU had moved to Kreminna.

We have not celebrated this day because we need to do much more than we have already done. But let’s look back and see our results.

Last October IPES was transferred to Kreminna. Professional Lyceum was used to organize classes and student accommodation. Classrooms were more or less good for the lessons but the dormitory was terrible: the roof was full of holes, the wools were covered with stripped wallpaper and fungi, the furniture included only backs of broken chairs and beds. Institute Director Yu. M. Populiashchenko and Deputy Director O. M. Brusak were spending all days long at that disastrous roof during its repair. They managed to do the second and the third floors of dormitory suitable for living within a short time.

On October 22, 2014 in the presence of our rector V. S. Kurylo, local government, students and teachers the IPES of LNU was opened. Then came the first sessions, introduction to distance learning via Moodle platform, the first game of our football players with the sportsmen from Kreminna, research and practical conferences of students and lecturers, the books published by the institute lecturers, graduations of bachelors, specialists and masters. Our students brought victories at the universiade, international competitions and Anna Solovei won the silver in bicycle racing at the First European Games.

During the last entrance campaign the university staff did everything possible we have a full first course. About fifty students study stationary. Many teachers moved for permanent residence to Kreminna. Several rooms were fixed for them and the guests on the forth floor of dormitory.

Looking back, we see that we have done a great job. But we have to do no less. Evaluating our work we should not say that we are better that other evacuated universities. We should compare ourselves today with ourselves yesterday and tomorrow.

Hopefully, in a year we will have something to be proud of!

Press-Center of LNU

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