Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

Field Practice in Geology

The first and second year students had a field practice in geology during the autumn session in Kreminna.

Student practices were conducted according to the schedule under the supervision of the associate professor, candidate of geological and mineralogical sciences Mykolai Ivanovych Udovychenko. Field practice will be continued in spring as well as its main part. And in autumn there was just one excursion.

The city of Kreminna is located within so-called Kreminna dome. The domes are the additional tectonic folds with length more than twice bigger that width. In Luhank region dome-shaped tectonic structures are common along the valley of Siverskyi Donets. Pryvolne, Lysychansk, Kruzhylyvka, Verhunka and other domes are known as well as the above-mentioned Kreminna dome. They have intense raisings in the recent past and some of them still rise. Sufficiently long rise has led to the fact that the significantly part of cave deposits in the place of domes has been degraded due to erosion. The same was with Kreminna dome. Now this is the only place in Luhansk region where coal deposits come to the surface at the left-bank Siverskyi Donets. By the way, this is the reason of Kreminna mine location.

The excursion was conducted at the north pit heap of Kreminna mine. Its significant part is grey that proves the absence of burning. It was very important for us because burning changes the shape of rocks and minerals and even may completely destroy them.

The first-year students acted as the explorers. They had to evaluate the chances of finding minerals and fossils and to find a rock with traces of plants if possible. At the end of the excursion they were lucky – necessary rock was found.

The second-year students had a task to collect traces of plant. They also successfully completed and even over completed the task. In the addition to the traces they found interesting mineralogical sample and a few fossils of spineless.

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