Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

Designers’ participation in the competition

Students of the Design Department took part in a regional competition and received prizes.

From November 9 to December 9, 2020, a competition of artistic creativity with a pictorial composition on the theme “Animal Symbols of the Luhansk region” was held.

The competition was conducted by the NGO “Community House”, the United Nations Program for Peace Recovery and Development. The co-organizer of the competition was the Department of International Technical Assistance, Innovative Development and External Relations of the Luhansk Regional State Administration.

The purpose of this event was to form a positive image and brand of the Luhansk region; education of the ideals of building peace and love for the native land; development, popularization and activation of participation of youth and society in decision-making.

The competition was joined by 1st year students majoring in 022 “Design”, educational program “Graphic design” Diana Kukleva with work “Horse in the Field” in the category “Digital Drawing” and Albina Matveeva with the picture “Warm interactions of the symbols of Luhansk region”.

On February 3, 2021, the commission summed up the results of the competition according to the following criteria:

  • disclosure of the topic;
  • creative approach to the use of artistic tools and materials;
  • skill;
  • quality of work.

It was not easy for the jury members to choose the best drawings, among extremely creative and interesting works, because more than 1200 people from different parts of the Luhansk region joined the competition.

Our higher education applicants are also among the winners. According to the number of points received in the nomination “DIGITAL PICTURE” Diana Kukleva took the second place, and in the nomination “MIDDLE AGE CATEGORY” the third place was taken by Albina Matveeva.

Participants of the competition received personalized certificates, and the winners also received incentive prizes.

On February 15, 2021, in the premises of the Luhansk Regional State Administration in Severodonetsk, the grand opening of an exhibition of works by participants in the art competition with a pictorial composition on the theme “Animal Symbols of the Luhansk Region” took place. The exhibition lasted until February 19, 2021. In the future, a large exhibition will be permanently located on the 5th floor of the Regional State Administration building.

Congratulations to our winners and wish you not to stop there.

According to the Design Department

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