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Defense of the training practice

The training practice “Creation of a Startup” was defended at the Department of Information Technologies and Systems. 

The Head of the Department of Information Technologies and Systems Mykola Semenov, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor and Senior Lecturer Volodymyr Donchenko conducted practical training for first-year master’s students majoring in “121 Software Engineering” and “123 Computer Engineering”. During four weeks, students worked on their business ideas, which were predominantly social. The main criteria for the assessment were: innovativeness (which competitors and how the idea differs from others), social impact (what problem will the idea help to solve, how customers will use this solution), realistic (clear business plan, implementation strategy, KPI), scale.

At the end of the training practice, the master’s students defended their projects during the pitching, while the junior students played the role of investors and listened attentively to the speeches of the master’s students. At the end, a vote was taken, the winner of which received additional points.

Among the presented business ideas it is worth noting the following: social digital platform “Vnuk” (developers – Vladislav Krotkyh and Volodymyr Shevchenko) and social platform “We are a Community” (developer – Artem Zhukov).

The directorate of the Institute hopes that the acquired knowledge of master’s students will help them in the development of the IT industry in the Luhansk region and in the whole country.

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