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Participation in the online training course

The teachers of the Department of Management have successfully participated in the online training course “Teachers 4.0: Effective Approaches for Distance Education”.

The course was organized by Servier Ukraine, the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine, CSR Ukraine, the expert organization Center for CSR Development and the UGEN agency.

The first speaker who started conducting practical webinars was Natalia Romanenko, an organizational coach and business coach.

On December 17, the meeting was devoted to the topic “Self-Motivation and Motivation of Students”. The participants reviewed the modern format for presenting information; the teacher’s personal brand, how to demonstrate competence on the Internet and have relevant knowledge; motivational profile; the personality of the teacher as the main motivator for Generation Z.

On December 18, the topic of the webinar was “Mindfulness Practices: How to Maintain the Mental Health of Teachers and Students”. The speaker was Viktoria Shum, the founder of EQLab, an instructor in Mindfulness. The teachers had the opportunity to learn how to practice mindfulness meditation.

On December 21, the teachers got acquainted with the DISC behavioral model. Alla Koshevets, Head of the Personnel Training and Development Department, spoke about macro trends in education, basic knowledge of personality typology, how to recognize the behavior style of students and adapt online learning to the realities.

On December 22, a webinar on the topic “Methods of Online Group Work” was held by Olha Lushchik, a facilitator, certified business trainer and coach. Olha covered the following topics: how to manage students’ attention in online learning; what facilitation is and when it can be useful in a teacher’s work; consensus technologies and world cafes; digital platform for organizing group discussion.

The final practical webinar was held on December 23 on the topic “Flexible Time Management”, which was organized by the management consultant Maria Nasedkina. The main questions were: why and when plans do not work; tools to improve your own efficiency; prioritization from a year to a day.

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