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Session of the EU Project Steering Committee

On November 18–21, a session of the Steering Committee of the EU Project “Intensification of Influence of Teachers of Luhansk Region on the Processes of Reconciliation and Peace-Building” was held.

The planning session for the Steering Committee in order to create an effective management structure was the next stage in the implementation of the project “Intensification of Influence of Teachers of Luhansk Region on the Processes of Reconciliation and Peace-Building” with the financial support of the Delegation of the European Union to Ukraine.

The session participants were Vitalii Kurylo (project manager), Serhii Savchenko (Acting Rector of the University), Iryna Tsymbal (Rector of LRIPE), Olena Karaman, Iryna Myhovych, Volodymyr Moroz (members of the Project committee), Serhii Sevriuk (Chairman of the Luhansk regional organization of the trade union workers of education and science of Ukraine).

The session was held on the basis of the hotel and restaurant complex “Prylisne” (Kreminna city).

First snow, giant pines, frosty air, icy lakes, Donets River, picturesque landscapes – this is how the Kreminna region welcomed the guests.

The aim of the session was to develop a plan for the implementation of the project based on the potential and distribution of roles among team members.

The session lasted four days.

On the first day, they discussed the current European methods for the formation and development of a project team; methods for determining the potential, individual psychological, organizational and professional values ​​of team members. Based on the use of diagnostic methods, in particular, peer review and self-assessment, the roles of each participant were determined to create an effective project team.

The content of the second day of the seminar was an acquaintance with the specifics of international projects; definition and formulation of the problem of our project; determination of target groups of the project; formulation of the goal, objectives and methods of project implementation; planning the project budget; evaluation and monitoring of project implementation; work with problem situations in the project approach; analysis of the investment attractiveness (potential) of the project. As a result of the second day, a project implementation plan was developed.

The third day was devoted to project management, during which the organizational structure of the project was developed and business processes were designed; a description of job duties was carried out and a system of key performance indicators of KPI was developed.

On the fourth day, the meeting participants vividly discussed the work results, distributed responsibilities among the team members in accordance with the developed plan; outlined a work plan for the next period of the project.

During a friendly dinner, each of the participants expressed their impressions of the content and results of the session. All noted the effectiveness of teamwork based on a competent distribution of roles and interaction.



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