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Czech Project

Students of the Design Department took part in the Czech Project “Competition of 3D Cards from Czech Centers”.

“Adolf Loos – Competition of Original 3D Cards in Porigami Technique” is a competition organized by Czech Centers (CZ) in cooperation with the Czech Tourism Office CzechTourism, via e-mail: loos@czech.cz and Facebook- pages “Adolf Loos / Discoverer of the modern lifestyle” and “Visit the Czech Republic”.

The aim of the competition was to create their own original 3D-postcard of Müller’s or Winternitz’s villa by the architect Adolf Loos, made using the Porigami technique, the author of which is Mrs. Teresa Gradilkova.

The first and second-year students majoring in Design, the educational program “Graphic Design” took part in this competition.

The selection of entries was carried out in two stages. In the first round, the jury, which included representatives of the Czech centers and the author of the Porigami technique Mrs. Teresa Gradilkova, selected the five best designs of 3D postcards.

In the second round, out of these five leaflets, the subscribers of the Facebook page “Adolf Loos / Pioneer of Modern Living” chose the winner using “Like” marks.

The winner was the 3D postcard photo with the most preferences. Competitive works were also determined, which took II and III places. Authors of three cards-winners of the second round of assessment received a reward. 

Congratulations to the first-year student Albina Matveeva on her third place. We wish you creative inspiration and further victories!

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