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All-Ukrainian Scientific and Practical Online Conference

Teachers of the Department of Pedagogy joined the work of the All-Ukrainian Scientific and Practical Conference. 

On October 30, teachers of the Department of Pedagogy of the ER IPP took part in the work of the All-Ukrainian Scientific and Practical Online Conference “Biodiversity: Theory, Practice, the Formation of Schoolchildren’s Health-Saving Competence and Methodological Aspects of Studying in Educational Institutions” (dedicated to the memory of the outstanding scientist-botanist P.E. Sosin), which took place on the basis of the V.G. Korolenko Poltava National Pedagogical University (Poltava) and was organized on the Zoom platform.

The main directions of the conference:

  • Contribution of renowned botanists to the development of biological science.
  • The current state of the study of the biota of natural and anthropogenically altered territories.
  • Modern problems of theoretical and applied ecology.
  • Topical issues of the formation of a healthy lifestyle and the use of health technologies.
  • Innovative approaches in the process of studying biodiversity in educational institutions.

The materials of the conference will be available in the Institutional Repository of the Poltava V.G. Korolenko National Pedagogical University (URL: http://dspace.pnpu.edu.ua). 

Since the beginning of the academic year 2020-2021, teachers of the Department of Pedagogy have taken part in 6 scientific conferences, including 3 international scientific and practical conferences: “Scientific Horizon in the Context of Social Crises” (16- September 18, 2020, Tokyo, Japan), “Current trends and factors of the development of pedagogical and psychological sciences in Ukraine and EU countries” (25 – September 26, 2020, Lublin, Poland), “Pedagogy and psychology today: postulates of the past and modern theories” (October 16-17, 2020, Odessa, Ukraine) and 3 All-Ukrainian conferences and webinars: Internet conferences “Academic year 2020 -2021: Challenges and Opportunities “(August 19-20, 2020, educational project” To the lesson “), webinar “Education in the pandemic: UN recommendations and world experience “(August 26, 2020, educational project” To the lesson”), webinar “The use of elements of project activities in the blended learning environment ”(September 24, 2020, educational project “To the lesson”).

In addition, we joined the UNESCO’s Futures of Education initiative, which aims to rethink the role of knowledge and education in shaping the future of humanity. This initiative is catalyzing a global debate on how to rethink knowledge and education in an increasingly complex and uncertain world.

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