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Online lecture for students

Students of the Institute of Commerce, Serving Technologies and Tourism listened to an online lecture from the Career Development Center.

On October 27, 2020, Olena Glushchenko, a leading specialist of the Career Development Center, delivered a lecture for students of the Educational and Research Institute of Commerce, Serving Technologies and Tourism online. The theme of the event was “Career Planning Technology. Career Modeling. Achievement of Career Goals”. The main goal was to form the skills of building a professional career. 

The lecturer set the following main tasks:

  • To acquaint those present with the basic technologies of building a professional career.
  • To form the skills and abilities of drawing up a professional portfolio (CPP).
  • Introduce career planning techniques.

During her speech, Olena told the audience about the career promotion portfolio and its features. She noted that this is an important tool for transferring business and personal information about a HEI graduate student to potential employers.

Participants learned that a Career Development Plan (CDP) has two parts and must be written in a professional manner and addressed to the prospective employer. An important point for the students was that the CDP should be written in a professional language. Olena acquainted those present with the algorithm of actions when planning a career, which includes 5 points.

In order to consolidate the information she had heard, Olena conducted an exercise “Career Goals” with the students, thanks to which they were able to think about their future.

The event was rich and interesting, because the students learned a lot of important information.

Viktoria Kalinina,
Press Center of LTSNU

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