Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

Training session. Day ІІІ-IV

3D visualization and drawings of the premises of functional spaces based on the person-centered approach became the topic of the third and fourth days of the training session.

The third day of the training session on human-centered design and design of public spaces to involve representatives of the target groups of the Project in the design of functional zones within the framework of the EU Project “Intensification of Influence of Teachers of Luhansk Region on the Processes of Reconciliation and Peace-Building” was devoted to the creation of 3D visualization of the premises of functional spaces (one conference hall and six educational and cultural centers) based on a person-centered approach.

At the first stage of 3D visualization, the project participants (center coordinators), together with the trainer Oleksandr Kryzhanivskyi, determined the specification of furniture, equipment, floor, wall, ceiling finishing, color scheme and center finishing.

At the second stage of 3D visualization, which has already taken place in the educational building of the university in Rubizhne city, the development of passports of colors and decoration of the premises of functional spaces (one conference hall and six educational and cultural centers) was carried out.

Thus, the ground was prepared for the third stage – direct 3D visualization of the premises of functional spaces with the definition of the specification of furniture, equipment, flooring, walls, ceiling, color scheme and finishing of centers. The software was used to create 3D visualizations of all centers (Center for Psychological Recovery and Adaptation, Center for Career Development, Center for Leadership Development, Laboratory for the Development of Creative Skills, Information Center, Inclusive Center) and the conference hall.

The final, fourth, day of the training session was devoted to the development of drawings of the premises of functional spaces within the project.

For each of the 6 centers and conference halls, the following were developed: 1. Furniture layout and furniture specifications. 2. Floor plan. 3. Ceiling plan (if necessary). 4. Lighting plan. 5. Electrical plan. 6. Wall sweep. 7. Information about the finishing of the premises. 8. Passport of colors and materials.

Thus, all the technical documentation for the repair and equipment of 6 educational and cultural centers and conference halls was prepared for further conducting educational, scientific, socio-cultural events on their basis, contributing to the processes of reconciliation and peace-building in the Luhansk region.

The final day of the training was attended by old friends and partners of the university in the implementation of the project – the Rector of the Luhansk Regional Institute of Postgraduate Pedagogical Education Iryna Tsymbal and Professor of this Institute Mykola Zhurba.

The project leader Vitalii Kurylo, the trainer Oleksandr Kryzhanivskyi and the event moderator Olena Karaman thanked the participants of the training session for their fruitful work during four days, exchanged views, outlined plans for further work on the creation of centers.

In a solemn atmosphere, the participants of the training session were awarded certificates, which are counted as advanced training – one of the forms of non-formal education. At the end of the event, a general photo was taken.

During the lunch, words of mutual gratitude for the new experience and effective teamwork were heard.



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