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Project “Silent Art”

Teachers of the Department of Fine and Decorative and Applied Arts of the Institute of Culture and Arts have developed and implemented the project “Silent Art”.

The project was implemented within the framework of the Inclusive Education Grant Program of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation. The aim of the project “Silent Art” was to attract people with hearing impairments to art and their gradual integration into the social and cultural life of the city, the development of their creative abilities, expanding opportunities for education in the arts. It was attended by 17 students of the Poltava specialized boarding school of I-III levels for children with hearing impairments.

The project was implemented from September 20 to October 20. During this period, the teachers of the Department of Fine and Decorative and Applied Arts conducted a number of master classes for the project participants on the basics of composition and color science, painting with acrylics, watercolors, and painting on glass.

The first acquaintance with the students of the boarding school happened during an excursion to Poltava, which was led by the Associate Professor of the Department, Candidate of Architecture Artur Aroyan. Pupils and teachers of the school learned many interesting facts from the history of the city, visited the historical sites of Poltava.

The teacher of the Department Tetiana Polishchuk held master classes in color science and composition, during which she acquainted children with the properties of color, the secrets of color combination, the rules for the arrangement of objects on a plane and the law of the golden section in art.

A master class on acrylic painting was conducted by teachers Natalia Mikeladze and Tetiana Polishchuk. For the first time in their lives, the students tried to work with acrylics on canvas. They drew a bird – a partridge. And although the sketch was the same for everyone, each of the children drew his own unique bird.

Master classes on watercolor painting “Autumn Landscape” and “Sunflower” were conducted by the teachers Oleksii Sobolevskyi and Inna Gurzhii. During these lessons, the pupils of the boarding school learned how to mix paints, correctly apply them on paper, and create interesting color harmonies.

The Head of the Department Natalia Dihtiar revealed to the students the peculiarities of painting on glass during the master class “Ukrainian Village”. Drawing on glass in Poltava region is a traditional type of folk art, so the students gladly joined the origins of Ukrainian folk art.

The project “Silent Art” ended with an exhibition of creative works by students of the Poltava specialized boarding school, which took place in the Poltava Art Museum, the Mykola Yaroshenko Art Gallery. The exhibition featured 50 pictures and paintings on glass.

This project made it possible for children and adolescents with hearing impairments to show creativity, get joy in communicating with the art of painting and believe in the possibility of self-realization in the future.

It should be noted that this is not the first project implemented by the teachers of the Department of Fine and Decorative and Applied Arts. They have already twice organized projects for internally displaced persons and ATO participants – Plein air “Landscapes of Poltava” jointly with NGO “KrymSOS” (2017) and “Graphic Workshop” with the assistance of NGO “Cultural Dialogue” in partnership with the Poltava State Agrarian Academy with financial support “Active Citizens” of the British Council in Ukraine (2019).

We hope that the experience of the teachers of the Department of Fine and Decorative and Applied Arts, gained in the “Silent Art” project and other similar projects, will be in demand, and in their further creative activity they will be able to attract everyone to the mysteries of arts.

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