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Training session

A training session began within the framework of the EU project “Intensification of Influence of Teachers of Luhansk Region on the Processes of Reconciliation and Peace-Building”. 

On October 19, 2020, within the framework of the EU project “Intensification of Influence of Teachers of Luhansk Region on the Processes of Reconciliation and Peace-Building”, the executor of which is Luhansk Taras Shevchenko National University, a training session began with human-centered design and design of public spaces to attract representatives of target groups to the design of functional zones in the project’s boundaries.

The training is carried out within the framework of a partnership agreement between the university (coordinator) and the Public Organization Agency for Educational Initiatives (beneficiary).

The venue of the event was the hotel complex “Mir” (Severodonetsk city) and the academic building of the university (Rubizhne city).

The participants of the training session were the project manager Vitalii Kurylo, the chairman of the public organization “Agency for Educational Initiatives” Iryna Myhovych, scientific and pedagogical workers of the State Institution “Luhansk Taras Shevchenko National University”, who are coordinators of 6 educational and cultural centers, a conference hall and (or) responsible for the repair work of the academic building and dormitory of the university in Rubizhne city Oleksandr Meniailenko, Dmytro Kovalov, Yaroslava Yurkiv, Anton Nazmiev, Inna Hryhoreva, Liudmyla Varianytsia, Halyna Bogucharska, Viktoria Kalinina.

The trainer at the event was Oleksandr Kryzhanovskiy, Architect, Candidate of Architecture, Associate Professor of the Design Department at Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University, expert consultant of the Center for Sociocultural Design of the International Society for Human Rights; moderator – Olena Karaman, Doctor of Pedagogy, Professor, Director of the Educational and Research Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology of the University.

In accordance with the program of the training session, the topic of the first day was “Human-Centered Design”, during which theoretical and practical issues were discussed regarding the essence, content, stages of design of functional areas based on a human-centered approach within the project.

Thus, the training participants learned the theoretical foundations of human-centered design: the essence and structure of human-centered design, technologies (stages) of human-centered design, the role of empathy in the process of creating innovations, principles of forming and organizing the work of a project team, etc.

The practice-oriented tasks that the training participants performed were devoted to discussing the content of activities and the needs of target groups within the design of functional zones within the project, the content and tasks of designing public spaces based on a person-centered approach, etc.

The result of the first day’s work was the development of assignments for the design of functional areas including one conference hall and six educational and cultural centers: the Center for Psychological Recovery and Adaptation, the Center for Career Development, the Center for Leadership Development, the Laboratory for the Development of Creative Skills, the Information Center, and the Inclusive Center.

The first day of the training session ended with a summary, planning for the next day and a friendly dinner.




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