Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

Happy Teacher’s Day!

Dear educators!

Each profession is honorary and important but the central figure in society has been and still is a teacher. A teacher should have a big loving heart to give it to pupils.

In our society you have won a deserved honor and gratitude, you have opened a road to a great love for each of us, have showed the beauty of our native land and the greatness of its history, you have taught us how to live right and work nobly.

People who have devoted their lives to such honorable and necessary profession deserve words of deep gratitude and respect. This is a teacher who has especially important mission today – to be the source of wisdom and knowledge for the younger generation. Future of our country, education and life priorities of the youth, skills and desire of young citizens to develop modern society greatly depends on a teacher.

Sincere thanks to you for your self-sacrifice and self-giving, noble love and care, patience, wisdom, insistence and professionalism!


Respectfully, Chairman of LNU Supervisory Council
People’s Deputy of Ukraine Vitalii KURYLO

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