Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

Happy Day of the Defender of Ukraine!

We sincerely congratulate everyone on the triune holiday – the Day of the Defender of Ukraine, the Day of the Ukrainian Cossacks and the bright holiday of the Protection of the Most Holy Theotokos.

October 14 is a significant date that has combined the courage and dedication of the entire Ukrainian people. On the bright day of the Protection of the Most Holy Theotokos, we, contemporaries, can be proud that our ancestors are Cossacks. The indestructible Cossack spirit and deep faith over the centuries have shaped the strong character of the nation, gave inspiration in the struggle for freedom. Since 2014, the Day of the Defender of Ukraine has also been celebrated as a symbol of the transfer of the heroic deeds of our people, their dedication, courage and pride to their Motherland.

The power of our people has been tested by sword and fire. Now we are convinced that the fate of the state, first of all, depends on the Armed Forces, where sons and daughters devoted to the Motherland serve. The glorious traditions of the Ukrainian people are continued by the patriots of the Ukrainian state, who today defend peace in the East of Ukraine. The exploits of the defenders are the great and magnificent truth of history. Thanks to them, Ukrainians feel a sense of security and confidence in the future. They are an example of effective patriotism for every honest person and conscientious citizen.

This is a holiday not only for men, it is a holiday for all who love and protect their homeland. We bow our heads to the blessed memory of those who gave their lives in the struggle for the independence and sovereignty of our country. Eternal memory and glory to the fallen Heroes!

We congratulate everyone on this bright holiday and wish you a peaceful sky, happiness, joy, kindness and inspiration in all your endeavors. We, Shevchenko’s people, must increase the glory and power of our Motherland, and help strengthen the patriotic spirit. Let we all be united by the inextinguishable light of faith, love and hope for a happy future. We work sincerely and with inspiration to the glory of our native Alma Mater and may the strength of the spirit of our Cossack ancestors always be with us!

Respectfully yours, Chairman of the Academic Council Vitalii Kurylo
and Rector of LTSNU Serhii Savchenko

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