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Health Day at the Faculty of Foreign Languages

Health Day was held at the Faculty of Foreign Languages.

On 23rd of September, 2020, the Faculty of Foreign Languages ​​held an incredibly active Health Day with the aim of adapting 1 course to student life, as well as improving team spirit and bringing closer friendly relations between students of all courses. The most active and creative students of 1-3 courses together with their teachers spent time outdoors in the Dendropark in Poltava.

Autumn landscape, ponds, warm weather, relaxed atmosphere, inexhaustible energy and enthusiasm of students, as well as good mood contributed to the special positive atmosphere that prevailed during the event. The Health Day was creatively organized and conducted by the Deputy Dean for Teaching and Educational Work Valeria Oleksandrivna Shkarlet, and the secretary of the Faculty Dean’s Office Vnukova Angelina was an irreplaceable assistant. Students actively participated in interesting competitions, danced madly and sang heartily. Four teams competed among themselves: “Our Youth Team”, “Velvet”, “Cockroaches” and a purely male team “Good, Old Zhiguli”. Under the leadership of the captains, the teams competed madly among themselves. The dean of the faculty, heads of departments and teachers did not stand aside and happily joined all kinds of activities. The dean of the faculty Svitlana Oleksandrivna Shekhavtsova awarded the interesting and active participants of the competition with diplomas.

The Health Day at the Foreign Languages Department was a fun and unforgettable experience, because our students and teachers are one big friendly family, and the warmest photos and videos that will not allow us to forget this day remain in memory.

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