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Knowledge Day at the Faculty of Natural Sciences

The Faculty of Natural Sciences students attended events dedicated to the Knowledge Day.

This year, the Faculty of Natural Science opened its doors to more than 300 bachelor students and master’s students who attended the university celebration and faculty event dedicated to Knowledge Day.

Acquaintance with the university for freshmen began with a faculty event, where an acquaintance with the history of the university took place. This year, due to quarantine restrictions related to the spread of COVID-19, the celebration took place not in the traditional format, with the general participation of the faculty, but only with freshmen.

At the beginning of the event, the Dean of the Faculty Natalia Matsai congratulated the freshmen and told about the history of the native faculty and departments, introduced the staff of the dean’s office and heads of departments. During the event, all freshmen were presented with memorable badges with the symbols of the university and faculty. At the end of the event, the freshmen joined the faculty to perform the faculty anthem, and then they all attended the university’s Knowledge Day celebration together.

After the festive event, a university quest awaited the first-year students, during which the freshmen got acquainted with the staff of the culture and leisure center, where they could enroll in various art circles and visited different photo zones that were located in the university courtyard. Then the freshmen went to the passage of the quest around the city “FNS is WE”, which was prepared by senior students of the Faculty of Natural Sciences. The quest was divided into locations that corresponded to the directions of the faculty training. At each location, freshmen had to complete various tasks and guess which departments of the faculty these locations belong to. For successfully completed tasks, freshmen received a puzzle depicting the location of the next location. After completing all the tasks, each team received a piece of the faculty coat of arms and, with high spirits and great impressions, went to the last location, where all the teams gathered their puzzles into one common picture and glued the faculty coat of arms from separate particles.

At the end of the event, the Dean of the Faculty Natalia Matsai, the Deputy Dean for Social and Humanitarian Work Alina Latka and the senior students wished the freshmen a bright and unforgettable student life, scientific and creative inspiration on the way to acquiring knowledge and practical skills.

According to the Faculty of Natural Sciences

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