Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

Happy Independence Day of Ukraine!

Dear teachers, staff, students, graduates! Please accept our heartfelt congratulations on the Independence Day of Ukraine!

29 years ago, a new country was formed on the world map – Independent Ukraine. These years have turned out to be difficult and far from cloudless. Our people had to follow the difficult path of socio-economic transformations, to create practically new state institutions, rules and standards of life. They were able to legislatively consolidate their democratic aspirations for national revival, spiritual freedom, economic growth, and cultural recovery.

It is thanks to the devotion and patriotism of each of us that Ukraine flourishes and grows stronger. In the hearts of people, a wide blue sky and a golden grain wedge merge into the colors of freedom and labor of a glorious state. After all, it is famous for its rich history, culture, melodic language, hard work and conscientiousness of people.

The period of independence of Ukraine is a time of birth and formation of our state, a time of trials and historical challenges. Today we are forced, like many centuries ago, to defend our integrity with arms in hand. Thousands of our brothers and sisters are paying with their lives for the existence of our sovereign Ukraine. They believe in our country, in its worthy future, which will be famous for its prosperity and democracy.

Dear teachers and students! On this holiday we would like to wish you good health, great family happiness, peace, understanding, harmony and well-being. We are convinced that our mighty nation will be able to overcome all difficulties and obstacles! And let the desire for a bright future inspire all of us to new achievements, great discoveries for the independent state and successful life of its people.


Best regards, Vitalii Kurylo, Chairman of the Academic Council of LTSNU
and Serhii Savchenko, Rector of Luhansk Taras Shevchenko National University 

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